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  1. I am having a really busy week this week attempting to mount up all last yeas work into a coherent presentation for the university assessors, this is proving to be a lot harder and a longer job than first anticipated but I am about half way through so aim to get it all done and in the post in time for the OCA to receive them it all in time for the 15th October deadline!

    I will be uploading some pictures soon to my OCA blog at:

  2. I studied the history of world textiles (especially embroidery) when I did my C&G qualifications in stitched textiles. I really enjoyed that aspect of the course and found it fascinating so I would like to look at a different part of textiles rather that centering on embroidery this time. 

    The cultural textiles I would most like to learn more about are those produced on the islands of the Pacific. I have seen ‘Tapa cloths’ available for sale in the past and really love the patterns and symbols painted and printed on them but know little of their origins and the techniques used to make them or the cultural significance of the patterns or techniques used on them.

    I have started to have a look online for examples and have set up a Pinterest board to help me keep track of any information I find. You can find it here. I will keep adding to this as I go. I have also ordered some books into my local library for reference.

  3. Have you noticed our new look?

    We are really pleased with it and guess what? It looks equally good on your mobile devices! we are so grateful to for designing the new template it has made our lives heer so much easier and hopefully our customers as well.


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  4. Well another busy day over. I spent the day with my Other half and Daughter at the Royal Navy Submarine Museum in Gosport for their 'Trash to Treasure' Gift fair. It was really nice to do  a craft fair again as it must have been around 6 yrs since I did the last one.

    Unfortunately it was very quiet but it was a good day with friendly (and very talented) stall holders. I spent most of the day demonstrating whilst doing this weeks project which caused a lot of interest and comment!

    Anyway, on with this weeks offering. As promised last week, this is the first of a few 'Christmassy' ideas to tie in with the time of year.......

    An 'Icy' Christmas Bauble

  5. I am finding it hard to believe it is Saturday again already. So what did I make with the plastic packaging? 

    A 'stained glass' keyring. Does any one remember shrinkies / shrinkie dinks??? Well the type of plastic found in some plastic packaging has very similar properties. You will find it labelled number 6 on the recycling stamp marked on the packaging (it has to be the non-foam type number 6).